Additional Questions

– How many people will be attending?

In order to keep us all safe, provide more attention to all students during practice and build a more intimate experience, spots are limited. Only 16 students will be able to sign up and attend.

-How many yoga classes will we do on the retreat?

We will practice at least 3 times over the weekend. Classes will be on average 2-2 1/2 hours including a nice long savasana.

– Have you made the schedule yet?

Not yet. We are working hard on getting everything in place and want to lock in a few other surprises for our time together. You will receive a schedule via email in the coming weeks with all the fine details. As of right now, we can say the first yoga class will begin Friday evening around 5-6p and we will close with a brunch Sunday.

– What if I need to cancel after booking?

Cancellations made one (1) month prior to event start date will be given a full refund of tuition excluding taxes and processing fees. If you cancel two (2) weeks prior to event start date you will be given a 50% refund of tuition excluding taxes and processing fees. Cancellations made less than two (2) weeks to event start date will NOT be refunded.

-Will I need to call Wonder Valley Hot Springs to book or can I do it online?

Everything can be done online. BOOK HERE.

– I will want to figure out total costs before booking. How do I do that?

Cabins/houses cost about $300-400/night for this particular weekend. So with your tuition/deposit the weekend could range anywhere from $1200-$2000 depending on if you’re choosing to room alone or with a pod.

– Can I book at my favorite air bnb/campground off site and still attend?

The short answer is NO. In order to get the full experience of Wonder Valley Hot Springs and to keep with the spirit of community building and togetherness we have agreed to have students stay onsite for the weekend. In the event that we sell out of accommodations at Wonder Valley Hot Springs we will revisit this.

– Is Hold Fast Yoga affiliated with Wonder Valley Hot Springs in anyway?

NO. We just love the space that they have built out there and want to share it with you. When booking your accommodations you are subject to all of Wonder Valley Hot Springs Terms & Conditions.

– Why vegan food?

Yoga is an 8 limb path to liberation or enlightenment and the very first limb is the yamas which are 5 practices suggested on how to treat the world around us. The very first yama is the practice of ahimsa or nonharming. Each time we sit down to eat we are given an opportunity to create less harm in the world, not only for the earth itself but the beautiful earthlings we share this planet with.

– I’m allergic to xyz thing.

Please include food allergies in the notes when you check out online or in the venmo transaction. We can’t promise to cover every known food allergen but will do our best to accommodate you.

– Will Clementine be attending?

In order to give full attention to students, Clementine will not be attending. If you’d like to get your dog cuddles in with this cute little nugget we might suggest attending Yoga in the Park sometime.


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